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Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre Review: Presbyopia/Lao Hua, Vision Correction & Cataract Surgery (Part 2)

(Continued from part 1)

The next day, my mum went back to Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre for the same procedure on her right ‘non-master’ eye that also had a custom fit Toric Mono-focal lens implant. This time, it was specially tailored for her to provide long hours of reading.

No Downtime After Operation

With the stitch-less, small-incision cataract surgery my mum had, there was no downtime, although my mum mentioned that her eyes felt slightly tired.

Second-day post-op, my mum was told she could shower and wash hair as per normal. This was because she had a micro-incisional cataract surgery which healed immediately.

However, she was advised not to use make up for three days following her op, so some people may prefer to take medical/hospitalisation leave for a few days and rest at home.
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Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre Review: Presbyopia/Lao Hua Correction & Cataract Surgery (Part 1 of 2)

My mum has been a 900-degrees soft contact lens wearer for the last 38 years, thanks to mild astigmatism, severe myopia and presbyopia (Lao Hua).

After years of squinting and buying multiple pairs of spectacles, she finally got a permanent solution to have her eyes fixed at Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre (where I did my Lasik surgery).

While her initial plan was to opt for Lasik surgery, Dr Natasha advised against it as the procedure is only suitable for people without cataracts. Instead, she recommended Cataract Surgery and Lens Replacement.

Using a customised Toric Mono-focal lens implant, it could correct her myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia (Lao Hua) and make her spectacle-free.

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