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Bladeless iLASIK: Surgery Day At Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre Singapore

Few days after my iLASIK consultation, it was finally surgery day at Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre. The procedure itself took less than a minute, and it was painless.

Thank God my corneas were thick enough for iLASIK; a bladeless alternative to regular LASIK, as mentioned in my previous post: LASIK truths & misconceptions in Singapore.

The latest iLASIK process uses iDesign; a NASA technology exclusive to iLASIK, which improves your night vision and gets rid of your glasses. iDesign maps your entire eye, records the data, and transfer the data to another machine used during the procedure itself.

The map is superimposed onto your cornea for added precision and improves post-operative night vision to prevent glares and haloes at night.

Getting Ready

When I arrived, the nurses handed me a blue patient gown and hair cap. Then, they took me into the Operating Theatre (OT) inside the clinic to clean and prep my eye for surgery.

They made sure I had no makeup, perfume, or hair substance on, as they could affect the results of LASIK surgery.

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