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A Night In The Great Madras: An Accidentally Wes Anderson Hotel

I never knew The Great Madras existed in Singapore–another reason why I often feel like a tourist in my home country. What’s ironic is that I work full-time in a digital publishing company.

But recently, work (Goodstuph x Lazada’s 9.9 media launch) allowed me to spend a night in this Wes Anderson-esque hotel near Little India.

The room I stayed in on the third floor.

First thoughts: Vintage, small, quirky, aesthetic wall murals, Millennial pink tiled walls.

Second thoughts: Really tiny (in a Hong Kong apartment way), probably for couples who want a quick getaway to hide from prying eyes of Asian parents, thin walls, and no toothbrushes.

However, the room sizes largely depend on which room you book.

The intimate rooms/pods on the lower level.

To claustrophobics, the hotel’s narrow passageways might not be up your alley. And for pampered guests who would only stoop to Michelin hawker fare, you might get triggered over the bare amenities offered (e.g. bathrobes in place of towels, no conditioner).

But I, for one, found its questionable ‘dinginess’ worked to its vintage and quirky branding, the same way I find motels and hostels endearing for a fuss-free night out to explore the backstreets of our Crazy Rich Asian country. Because as much as the Marina Bay area would make STB proud, it’s only inspiring if you speak Gucci.

At the Great Madras, there are no infinity pools; their LED-lit pods are no more than just beds and sliding doors. But, if you’re just keen to Netflix-and-Chill, I quote Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo, “You don’t need much space to have ***”.

Because let’s be honest, I don’t think the IG-worthy wall mural is the only reason that would attract couples to spend S$150++/night in a pod.


Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre Review: Presbyopia/Lao Hua, Vision Correction & Cataract Surgery (Part 2)

(Continued from part 1)

The next day, my mum went back to Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre for the same procedure on her right ‘non-master’ eye that also had a custom fit Toric Mono-focal lens implant. This time, it was specially tailored for her to provide long hours of reading.

No Downtime After Operation

With the stitch-less, small-incision cataract surgery my mum had, there was no downtime, although my mum mentioned that her eyes felt slightly tired.

Second-day post-op, my mum was told she could shower and wash hair as per normal. This was because she had a micro-incisional cataract surgery which healed immediately.

However, she was advised not to use make up for three days following her op, so some people may prefer to take medical/hospitalisation leave for a few days and rest at home.
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Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre Review: Presbyopia/Lao Hua Correction & Cataract Surgery (Part 1 of 2)

My mum has been a 900-degrees soft contact lens wearer for the last 38 years, thanks to mild astigmatism, severe myopia and presbyopia (Lao Hua).

After years of squinting and buying multiple pairs of spectacles, she finally got a permanent solution to have her eyes fixed at Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre (where I did my Lasik surgery).

While her initial plan was to opt for Lasik surgery, Dr Natasha advised against it as the procedure is only suitable for people without cataracts. Instead, she recommended Cataract Surgery and Lens Replacement.

Using a customised Toric Mono-focal lens implant, it could correct her myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia (Lao Hua) and make her spectacle-free.

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Bladeless iLASIK: Surgery Day At Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre Singapore

Few days after my iLASIK consultation, it was finally surgery day at Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre. The procedure itself took less than a minute, and it was painless.

Thank God my corneas were thick enough for iLASIK; a bladeless alternative to regular LASIK, as mentioned in my previous post: LASIK truths & misconceptions in Singapore.

The latest iLASIK process uses iDesign; a NASA technology exclusive to iLASIK, which improves your night vision and gets rid of your glasses. iDesign maps your entire eye, records the data, and transfer the data to another machine used during the procedure itself.

The map is superimposed onto your cornea for added precision and improves post-operative night vision to prevent glares and haloes at night.

Getting Ready

When I arrived, the nurses handed me a blue patient gown and hair cap. Then, they took me into the Operating Theatre (OT) inside the clinic to clean and prep my eye for surgery.

They made sure I had no makeup, perfume, or hair substance on, as they could affect the results of LASIK surgery.

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LASIK Consultation: Bladeless Pain-Free LASIK With Dr Natasha Lim Singapore

Read my first post HERE, talking about the misconceptions about LASIK surgery, and the differences between iLASIK and standard LASIK that everyone should know about.

Whenever someone with eagle vision asked me how 500-degrees and Myopia “look like”, I would say, “okay cross/cock your eyes a bit until you can’t read anything, that’s how it looks.”

Even though I adapted to contact lens over the years, spectacles gave me frequent headaches and I hated it whenever I forgot to bring my solution or case (always one or the other) during overseas trips/sleepovers.

However, due to common misconceptions about LASIK such as price (explained in my first post), I used to see it as a want more than a need.

That is, until, I discovered the existence of a bladeless pain-free method called iLASIK that NASA astronauts use. It costs about $3k+ for both eyes.

Now I understand why every post-LASIK person told me “it’s the best decision ever” due to the sheer convenience and comfort of having perfect eyesight.

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LASIK in Singapore: Truths & Misconceptions To Know About Vision Correction

Few months ago, I finally decided to zap away my 500-degree vision with the latest iDesign iLASIK technology that’s pain-free and bladeless.

I did it with Dr. Natasha Lim Eye Center at Mount Elizabeth Novena as she’s one of only two clinics offering iDesign iLASIK in Singapore, and her results are published worldwide on the iDesign iLasik Registry to provide guidance to iLASIK surgeons.

The main reason why I did it was because spectacles tend to give me a headache and having a digital-centric life, I need my contacts for an unhealthy span of 12-15 hours a day. I also hate to spend money on eyesight checks and changing lens degrees.

There were a lot of misconceptions about LASIK which held me back, particularly the cost and whether I would be able to wear coloured contacts again (because I’m vain like that).

But after finding out more through friends who underwent various LASIK surgeries, as well as Dr Natasha, I hope this post will benefit those who might be considering LASIK.

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