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A Night In The Great Madras: An Accidentally Wes Anderson Hotel

I never knew The Great Madras existed in Singapore–another reason why I often feel like a tourist in my home country. What’s ironic is that I work full-time in a digital publishing company.

But recently, work (Goodstuph x Lazada’s 9.9 media launch) allowed me to spend a night in this Wes Anderson-esque hotel near Little India.

The room I stayed in on the third floor.

First thoughts: Vintage, small, quirky, aesthetic wall murals, Millennial pink tiled walls.

Second thoughts: Really tiny (in a Hong Kong apartment way), probably for couples who want a quick getaway to hide from prying eyes of Asian parents, thin walls, and no toothbrushes.

However, the room sizes largely depend on which room you book.

The intimate rooms/pods on the lower level.

To claustrophobics, the hotel’s narrow passageways might not be up your alley. And for pampered guests who would only stoop to Michelin hawker fare, you might get triggered over the bare amenities offered (e.g. bathrobes in place of towels, no conditioner).

But I, for one, found its questionable ‘dinginess’ worked to its vintage and quirky branding, the same way I find motels and hostels endearing for a fuss-free night out to explore the backstreets of our Crazy Rich Asian country. Because as much as the Marina Bay area would make STB proud, it’s only inspiring if you speak Gucci.

At the Great Madras, there are no infinity pools; their LED-lit pods are no more than just beds and sliding doors. But, if you’re just keen to Netflix-and-Chill, I quote Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo, “You don’t need much space to have ***”.

Because let’s be honest, I don’t think the IG-worthy wall mural is the only reason that would attract couples to spend S$150++/night in a pod.