Chevvy Is

a diary of growing up in Asia.
It exists for first experiences, second thoughts,
strange encounters, and simple joys in life.
From beauty reviews to personal stories,
all features are authentic, scribbled with curiosity,
to capture reflections on modern adulting.

The Founder

Born in Singapore, Chevonne grew up volunteering
at temples and listening to stories by monks.
She spent most of career in marketing, PR
and publishing.

In 2016, she launched ZULA (with The Smart Local),
an online magazine for Singaporean girls. Her story
was featured in TheAsianEntrepreneur.

In 2019, she left her job as an editor and is currently
on a career break typing in third person and making
mediocre Youtube vlogs. She is engaged to
her best friend of 6 years and aspires to live minimally
and consciously.

Past features:

These original stories were tailored for digital viewers in Singapore. Some have been reproduced by The Independent, TheAsianParent, and mainstream newspapers.

This Singapore Girl Fixes Planes Instead of Flying In Them
Why Singaporeans Hate Influencer Celebs More Than Celebs
Life Lessons By My School Teacher-Mum Who Taught For 30 Years
This Singaporean Marine Biologist Went From Doing Admin Work To Swimming with Sharks
I Fell In Love With My Best Friend Of 9 Years And Here’s Why I Hope Nice Guys Finish ‘Last’
This Rising Singaporean Film Director Was Once A Kopitiam Girl With $2 In Her Bank Account
This 26-Year-Old Singaporean Girl Left The Corporate World To Bury The Dead
Singapore Teen Mums: Raising 3 Kids Who Have Different Fathers

Documenting personal stories and reviews is the heart of Chevvy. But to deliver free content and sustain this side project, brands are able to reach out for collabs. For transparency, all sponsored stories or products will include a mention "in collaboration with".

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Chevyy is an open platform for meaningful stories. Every experience you share helps to keep this site running. Writers, photographers, travellers, or people with tips and stories can contact Chevonne via hichevyy@gmail.com.


For any suggestions you may have for improvements, please feel free to drop a comment or email hichevyy@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!